Sudden Cardiac Death is responsible for 4.25 million deaths globally per year, making it the #1 natural cause of death in most of the developed world.

At Rhythio Medical, we want to prevent it from ever happening again.

Our Mission

Cardiology innovation has made huge strides over the last few decades, but today's cutting-edge technology is still fairly reactive. We believe that patients with severe heart failure deserve more chances to mitigate the risk of something catastrophic like Sudden Cardiac Death. There will continue to be new innovations to existing devices, but we have the opportunity to change the game altogether.

Our mission is to set a new, proactive, standard of care in cardiology. And we aim to help those patients that end up needing treatment enjoy better outcomes. It's a simple shift in philosophy - but it could change cardiology forever.

The Liquid Wire will safely improve electrical signals

One of the primary contributors to Sudden Cardiac Death is an electrical abnormality in the heart. Healthy hearts have regular electrical wavefronts, or patterns, controlling the rhythm of the heartbeats. If those electrical patterns are disrupted, patients may be at risk of Sudden Cardiac Death.

With the Liquid Wire, we aim to alleviate those disruptions in the patients most at need.

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