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Every year, approximately 350,000 people in the United States alone succumb to sudden cardiac death caused by lethal ventricular arrhythmias. Current treatments often fall short, leaving patients and healthcare providers grappling with inadequate solutions.

Our vision is to enhance, not replace. Our technology integrates with existing devices from industry leaders for a holistic approach to cardiac care.


Our innovation offers a host of benefits to both patients and medical device manufacturers:


  • Effective Treatment: Patients can experience more reliable and efficient treatment of cardiac arrhythmias, reducing the risk of life-threatening episodes.

  • Minimizing Trauma: Our technology enables delivery of therapy without resorting to painful and traumatic methods that are currently the standard of care.

  • Reduced Complications: By decreasing scar tissue interference, we lower the risks associated with current treatment methods.

  • Enhanced Outcomes: Patients can enjoy an improved quality of life and better results, reducing the burden on healthcare systems.

  • Strategic Collaboration: Our innovation offers medical device manufacturers a unique opportunity to differentiate their products, strengthen their market presence, and drive innovation in cardiac rhythm management.

  • Our key differentiator is our collaborative approach. Rather than competing with industry giants, we offer a complementary solution that can be integrated with their devices, benefiting patients and expanding their market share.

An extended pacing electrode that can access the mid-myocardium and normalize conduction patterns across areas of severe scarring.

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